Ruth is a 56-year-old mother of 3, grandmother of 4 who ended her career as a housewife 15 years ago, defied family and opinion, journeyed to Colorado to begin a second life, wound up as staff to the Wiesbaden Spa in Ouray, where she contracted severe allergenic reaction to Electro-Magnetic fields...rendering her completely disabled and inhaling all her assets, life, health and career.

Instead of giving up (as most severe Environmental Allergenics do) an age of pharmaceutical band-aids and no knowledge of the intricate and sophisticated electrical system of the human body so easily destroyed by modern conveniences...she adjusted and resurrected her lifelong avocation as a nature photographer, was adopted into the Smart Shelter Land Steward Program, began her life in remote locals to restore her health and is currently evolving parallel careers to create safe communities and lifestyles for others afflicted similarly while she expands her artistic profile into the fields of digital media, music, dance, found art sculpture and writing.

The Desde La Terra Art Forms rise from the native landscape, where she now lives...celebrates the beauty of the natural environment which evolved us and to which she must return to restore her health...and to which she dedicates a portion of each day to remedy its destruction and abuse so that it, like herself, can find health, peace and a brighter destiny.

Her courage in the face of excruciating pain, complete debilitation and the loss of her entire previous existence are rare beyond description and deserving of our deepest respect and support.


GARY DUNCAN-exec director-

Smart Shelter Network